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"The yoga I teach was originally inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli...

as well as by those that have been called to further her work. It is an approach to yoga practice that places its emphasis on quality of movement above anything else, and I consider it to be an invitation, not only to reclaim the natural freedom,and strength that is our birthright, but also to reawaken the simple joy of being"

Scaravelli inspired Yoga involves a deep personal process of transformation through developing awareness of, and exploring and simplifying relationships between; the pull of gravity from beneath, the action of the breath, and the potential liberation and elongation of the spine that can arise from those relationships. It is a principle that is both revolutionary and absolutely common-sense, and can be the foundation of a life-long path of exploration and personal discovery ...


"To my understanding the word 'yoga' means to bind, to put back together, to reintegrate. It has nothing to do with achieving postures by distorting the body, but it has everything to do with creating the unique condition of harmony and synergy within the structure, and by reflection, within the human being. When this unique state is achieved, the body is suddenly capable of moving in extraordinary ways with simplicity and grace."

Marc Woolford

Marc became passionate about yoga as a child and since 1991 has been studying and practicing exclusively with people that have worked directly with Vanda Scaravelli such as Diane Long and Sophy Hoare, as well as ostepaths and anatomists that have been called to further her work such as Pete Blackaby and John Stirk.
offers private yoga tuition (Online yoga classes and one to one), all levels yoga classes and workshops for dedicated practitioners in the Brighton and Hove area, and runs open yoga workshops, yoga weekend breaks and retreats for all around the UK, Europe, and long-haul destinations. He also teaches on individual training days and seminars for the British Wheel, Yoga Scotland and other teacher training organisations. Please feel free to get in touch to organise something in your area.

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The Yoga I teach  is in the spirit of vanda scaravelli and is known as scaravelli yoga, scaravelli inspired yoga, and i currently work with diane long, sophy hoare, john stirk, pete blackaby. i run  weekend yoga breaks in sussex and scotland, weekend  residential yoga  retreats in sussex and scotland, yoga holidays in France, yoga retreats in India, yoga holiday retreats in goa, yoga holiday retreats in thailand.  My speciality is teaching private yoga classes,  one to one yoga sessions, private group yoga  in brigthon, hove and sussex, i combine deep tissue massage, gentle manipulation, palpation techniques, yoga postures, to help relieve tension, improve posture, which in turn will, help back ache, redress neck injuries, help knee injuries, help ankle injuries, help fallen arches, relieve RSI, relieve repetative strain injury. When we begin to heal the dysfunctional relationships in our bodies, we start to heal the separation we experience between body and mind, between mind and soul.  I teach an ongoing teacher training day for Yoga Scotland, also a scaravelli inspired yoga course in edinburgh, and i  am running my own yoga courses in brighton an hove to give a solid foundation and practical understanding of scaravelli inspired yoga for teachers and serious students.  I also run yoga classes in brighton, yoga training workshops in brighton

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Yoga with Marc Woolford -Scaravelli inspired
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yoga with marc woolford